Questions/Answers to Quick Start Grill

On the bottom of the grill is an easy removable ash tray that can be removed and dumped.

For the portable grill it is 17.5 by 10 inches, and the barrel grill is 11.5 by 19.25 inches.

Yes. We have successfully made other grills that we will be coming soon to your neighbor.

Yes, our patent covers battery operated charcoal starting grill. We will carry battery operated portable grills in the future.

Yes, all you have to do is spread Hickory, Maple, Mesquite, or whatever wood chips on top of the coal. You can have smoked apple, alder, or cherry smoked BBQ ribs in matter of minutes. After spreading the wet wood chips on top of the hot coal, wait a little until the heavy smoke turns to light bluish smoke, and put your ribs on the grill. Put the lid on with the open vent and Wa-llah! Great Mesquite Smoked Ribs!

We use incoloy 800 material that is designed for extreme temperature of 1900 F. The element in our grill reaches 950 F, way below the 1900 F temperature. In the last year of testing, none of elements have broke. Engineers tell us it should last for years.