Quick Start Grill uniformly self-ignites charcoal in six minutes without the use of lighter fluid, gas, or any other flammable material.

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Barrel Grill

Barrel Grill

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Portable Grill

Quick Start Grill allows charcoal grilling quickly without the hassle — perfect for your fast-paced world.

It is easy to use:
– pour in a layer of charcoal
– plug it in
– wait approximately six minutes
– unplug and cook!

This patented grill saves time without compromising the charcoal grilled taste. It ignites the charcoal uniformly and is ready to start cooking in 6 to 7 minutes. No lighter fluid, gas, or any other flammable material are used. The grill eliminates the daunting task of spreading the hot coals and putting the cooking grid on top of them. Since charcoal starts uniformly, all surface area of the cooking grid can be utilized for convenient cooking. It is easy to use… all you have to do is put in a layer of charcoal and plug it in, and in 6 minutes unplug and cook. This grill is environmentally friendly because no lighter fluid or gas is used. Since the charcoal is ready to use in 6 to 7 minutes, less carbon emission is put into the environment. You can use the uncooked charcoal in your next usage or be able to add less charcoal to do your cooking.

How It Works?

Charcoal briquettes ignite at 660 degrees Fahrenheit. The Quick Start Grill heating element reaches its highest temperature (around 950 degrees Fahrenheit) in 3- 4 minutes. This allows the charcoal to ignite faster, and the predetermined configuration of the element starts the charcoal uniformly.